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Key Platform Features

You’ll find that the DXP excels at delivering best-in-class experiences for creators, end users, technologists and business leaders alike.

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Build Connected Experiences

By integrating legacy systems and siloed data into one platform, you can easily connect behaviors, products and messaging into unified, streamlined customer experiences that can self-optimize over time.

Only Write the Code that Matters

Our code generators and CLIs result in up to 90% reduction in boilerplate code, integration engineering, and user experience design and development.


No Complex DSLs

Don’t invest time learning a complex DSL or yet another limiting visual language. Our code generators and CLIs allow you to integrate with any language (JavaScript, .NET, Java, Python, etc.), using industry-standard patterns and practices.

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Instant Modernization

Quickly upgrade your tech stack to a cutting-edge, event-based, micro-architecture that supports an elegant GraphQL based user experience.

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Customer-Facing Identity Management

Connecting your partners, products, and customers using any industry-standard protocols (SAML, OpenID Connect, Passwordless) is a simple configuration exercise.

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No-Ops, Multi-tenancy and Infinite Scale

Zero infrastructure means peace of mind and a platform that is always on. From our user experience to serverless architecture and polyglot data stores, your new, cloud-native platform is built for infinite scalability.